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My handcrafted hourglass cases are:
  • Constructed of personally selected domestic and exotic solid hardwoods - Including but not limited to Cherry, Koa, Maple, Padauk and Walnut.
  • Natural in color - All hardwood parts of each case are naturally color matched.
  • Not stained or artificially colored - I use only real hardwood selected for it's character and color.
  • Cut from the same piece of hardwood - This is how the color and figure matching is accomplished for the hourglass case end-caps.
  • Hand polished prior to assembly after the application of multiple coats of clear sealer to the hardwood parts.
  • Handmade in the U.S.A. - Each hourglass case is custom made to order.
My unmounted hourglass is:
  • The same glass that I mount in my handcrafted cases.
  • Not designed to stand unless it is mounted in a case. Unmounted glass WILL NOT stand unless mounted in a case.
  • Available in the same full range of running times as the hourglass mounted in my handcrafted hourglass cases.
  • Also available empty or unfilled for your special project.

  • Running time for all hourglasses will be random unless they are calibrated.
    When applicable your may choose a running time from the drop down menu.