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As the Bride and Groom you can personalize your Wedding Hourglass in a variety of ways. Choosing is easy.

All Wedding Hourglasses are laser engraved. Choose your entire wedding invitation, your wedding vows, or another personal message to be laser engraved on one hourglass end-cap. Your names and wedding date will be laser engraved on the other side, creating a stunning keepsake Wedding Hourglass.

The glass in the Basic Wedding Hourglass runs approximately 60 minutes. It will be mounted in the solid hardwood case that you select standing 9 inches tall. Your laser engraved message of choice is included.

If you are are planning to do a Unity Sand Ceremony rather than lighting a Unity Candle, I can provide you with everything that you will need in a kit to use in your unity sand ceremony. Following your wedding and unity sand ceremony simply return the kit to me. I will calibrate the running time, seal, and mount the hourglass in the case that you have selected.

In addition to everything included with the basic Wedding Hourglass, the Sand Ceremony Wedding Hourglass also includes a kit containing the empty hourglass that you will fill during the Unity Ceremony. Choose the kit that includes sand that I provide or the kit allowing you to use your own sand.

When using your own sand the running time for your Wedding Hourglass cannot be guaranteed. Even though it is called an hourglass the running time will be random.

Instructions for submitting materials for laser engraving will be sent by e-mail shortly after I receive your order.












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